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After all the talking, planning, thinking, arguing, calculating and then finally the decision making someone has to bring it all to life.

Metadas provides clients with a range of creative services to make your "great idea” into an even better reality. If you have your own creative team that’s fine - as developers Metadas are used to working with agencies and freelance designers and copywriters.

But if you are considering creating an online presence you should consider the importance of both Design and Content.


Great design pays back in so many ways. Whereas poor design makes it hard to justify your proposition good design enables you to sell more at better margins. In a crowded or complex marketplace if you don’t want to compete on price then the way you are perceived is important and working with a graphic designer can be a real asset.

It could be a logo that needs to be created or a compete website, you might require your current brand identity to be refreshed or a brand created for a new product or service. Whatever your requirements Metadas can provide you with the right designer to suit your needs.


What you say in all your marketing communications has always been important. You are seldom in the room when important decisions about you and your business are being made. So you have to have a consistent and credible set of messages across all media.

In addition to the growth in importance of social media you need to be able to provide a range of White Papers, Blogs, Information Sheets, Newsletters, and Personal Profiles as well as provide the right type of content for Twitter and LinkedIn. Content is usually provided by working with a copywriter who will be able to show you how to deliver consistent messages using different media.

Top 10 things to consider when you are thinking about your website

  • What are the primary and secondary objectives of the site?
  • What are the needs of those who are going to visit?
  • How is the site going to fit with your current and future marketing plans?
  • How much of the content are you going to have to update on a regular basis?
  • Are you going to make sales from the site?
  • Do you recognise that before the site is built you need a plan and draft content?
  • Do you understand that a poorly built site will never be able to be fully optimised?
  • Are you going to make sure your site meets and or exceeds current accessibility standards?
  • What type of SEO strategy are you going to use?
  • Do you have the resources in time to manage your web site?

Metadas Media
Founded in 1999, Metadas Media is a web development company which provides targeted web solutions in order to take the online exposure of your business to the next level.

With more than 50 years of combined experience within this highly competitive industry, we also appreciate the fact that any web development company needs to adapt its services to the times.